Bathrooms of the Future

October 6, 2009 | 2 Comments

Everyone knows that bathrooms and kitchens are key selling points when finding that perfect home. A smart approach to boost your home’s value for resale later may on involve upgrading your bathrooms. The Spa Type bathrooms of the future look very relaxing while modern and futuristic.B9QO03CAE1FP6ICAZFOVMRCA6MEDTBCATT5OCYCAYD3PMVCATZ1MDXCA1T6P8QCAJ2PZ2FCAZ9NOX5CA6BWHDSCAZ3K0QHCA77O5QJCA3QEZIWCA00UAPPCAEMG4K6CAFNOYPFCA1OK9SACA47VQTT

“Spa baths are hot now and the trend appears to have lasting appeal. It got started 30 years ago, when futurist Faith Popcorn predicted a movement she called “cocooning.” American consumers desire to protect themselves from the harsh unpredictable realities of the outside world. Today more than ever we seek sanctuary in our homes and bathrooms play a huge role in this.”



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