Make your home feel bigger

October 6, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Today’s homeowner is making the most of what they already have, including the interior space in their home. recently compiled 5 simple ways homeowners can make their houses feel bigger without actually expanding the size.

  1. See it, Use it. People tend to use what they can see. If a room or space is blocked off from the rest of the house, most people tend the ignore it and don’t use it. “If you open up the view from the kitchen or to the family area, you will start to use the space merely because you can see it.” Opening up wallsL2WHRTCA0U7KOYCAEW7FTWCA0M31CKCAA5RQ23CA5QO6F7CANBOLTMCARC4H6ICA5BLKZ8CAP6Z0RKCAT6BBT1CAY1M9FQCAUVN404CAMWWLR3CAHXNIO0CAQAX9SZCAIDIJSOCA0YLSNTCABI2R0D (sometimes knocking the wall down completely) or even adding an interior window can make a home feel bigger.
  2. Diagonal view. A home will feel bigger if you can see from one corner to the other. Open floor plans make a home feel much bigger than they actually are.
  3. Double Duty. Combine the living and dining area so the space can serve as formal and informal at the same time. Formal dining rooms are becoming a thing of the past.
  4. Get comfortable. Use comfy furniture that you actually use. If it doesn’t feel comfortable in your home why is it there?
  5. Vary ceiling heights. Varying ceiling heights in an open floor plan give each room a different feel while differentiating one room from the other.



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