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October 16, 2009 | 1 Comment


Saving our planet for future generations by practicing “green living” is particularly important in today’s world. Not only does living in green homes make your life feel great and help the environment, but green living will also save you a bundle on utilities and put more cash in your pocket. Solutions can range from simple energy efficient light bulbs to lesser known secrets.

Green living can also be accomplished with a few easy steps like starting with using recycled materials and low odor waste based paints. Conserving water is easy too, practice daily with less usage and install only energy efficient appliances. Some people are evn getting a complete overhaul and building new homes with green home plans. Green building sometimes requires more research and design time, but the investment can lead to later savings in materials and costs, plus a boost in quality of living.

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) states that in our city alone residential and commercial buildings account for 36% of total energy use and 65% of electrical consumption, they claim 30% of raw materials and 12% of potable water. When it comes to pollution our environment generates 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and 136 million annual tons of waste. Looking at this state of affairs-a little conservation could go a long way.

Some specific reasons to build green include –

  • Environmental benefits-conserve natural resources, reduce generation of natural waste, improve air and water quality and enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Economic benefits-property value is enhanced, green costs less than traditional homes and energy waste is reduced.
  • Health and community benefits-Air, thermal and acoustic environment are improved, occupant comfort and health are enhanced thanks to reduced VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). In summary, quality of life is improved for everyone involved.
  • Buying Energy Star products-a great easy way to start being green in your own home.



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