Cozy Up To Fall

October 26, 2009 | Leave a Comment



Here are 7 simple ways you can add warm touches all over your house this Fall. Decorating is fun and it helps us enjoy the season. Why not make our own homes more enjoyable and festive during this beautiful time of year?

  1. Stack a couple of wood logs by the fireplace.
  2. Toss a chenille throw across the end of the sofa.
  3. Display branches gathered from your backyard in a tall vase.
  4. Replace white and beige lampshades with deeper hues, like chocolate, bronze or black.
  5. Place potted mums or other flowers in autumn leaf colors of orange, red or amber on the mantel or coffee table.
  6. Put a basket full of squash, baby pumpkins, acorns and pinecones on the kitchen table.
  7. Paint the insides of bookcases a warm shade of burnt sienna or moss green.



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