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December 22, 2009 | 46 Comments

You’ve finally gotten a ratified contract (signed by both parties), but a potential hurdle still lurks-the home inspection. Buyers typically request a home inspection to determine the home’s condition prior to closing. Sometimes what’s found in the inspection could cost the seller or in extreme cases cause the deal to collapse.

A few of the most common defects found during an inspection and what homeowners can do to prevent the deal going bust include:

  • Improper electrical wiring-This can be one of the most serious problems done by homeowners or unqualified contractors. Insufficient electrical service, inadequate load protection, or wires tied together without being housed in a box could cause a potential fire hazard. The homeowner should make sure the home had proper building permits regarding electrical work.
  • Roof deterioration-Old or damaged shingles can lead to leaks. The roof should be checked routinely and it is often inexpensive to replace damaged tiles or shingles and can stave off costly fixes.
  • Plumbing problems-Dripping faucets are like money down the drain. Corroding or mismatched piping material, faulty fixtures, and improperly installed hot water heaters are common sources for plumbing troubles. Make sure toilets are securely bolted. Check sink faucets, hose bibs, and valves for leaks. Leaks should be fixed right away.
  • Improper surface grading or drainage-Water can enter a home and cause major damage if there is improper drainage. Basements and crawl spaces seem most vulnerable. When it rains grab an umbrella and look where the water pools. It would be a good idea to have gutters installed and downspouts.
  • Poor overall upkeep-Cracked, peeling or dirty painted surfaces and broken appliances and fixtures can signal overall neglect of the home. Decayed caulking around doors and windows can compromise the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. It’s always a good idea to walk around your home every 2-3 years to look for any defects which could cause a problems later on.

Source: www.Realor.org/magazine


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