Clean Those Windows!

February 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

Just as your eyes are the mirror to your soul, the “soul” of your house is mirrored by your windows. Make sure you don’t neglect them when preparing a property for sale. 

In fact, Feng Shui principles view the windows as the eyes of a home.

Here are a few pre-listing tips for making the most of your windows:

1. Make sure that every window sparkles — both inside and out. Not only will it give a property that well-kept look, it will also let more light into each room which is very important for showings. 

2. Replace any cracked window panes.

3. Repair and neatly paint weathered window frames.

 4. Inspect all windows to ensure that they open. Make sure that all paint is removed from the panes. A razor blade, used with caution, will usually work well to scrape off unsightly paint.

 5. All windows should have window treatments. A ”naked” window gives a room a cold, unwelcoming feel. 



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