Organizing Tidbits for Small Spaces

February 25, 2010 | 430 Comments

It often is difficult to organize a space, but this challenge is multiplied by the confinements and limitations of a SMALL space. However, just because your space is challenging, it’s still possible to be organized. Keep in mind though that it’s imperative to use every inch of available space both efficiently and wisely. Many of these tidbits can be utilized in any space:1. The ‘ONE IN–ONE OUT’ rule.
This rule helps to set limits, which is often the hardest part for people to follow. It works well with items such as shoes, clothing, toys and books. In small spaces, the amount of stuff is often pre-determined by the amount of space.
1. For any new item bought or received as a gift, one item must leave. This works especially well for children’s toys.
2. Find solutions that are both functional and attractive.
For example, in your living room you need a solution for extra blankets and board games. What about using a storage ottoman that looks good and also serves as a great storage solution? Also consider hidden storage such as drawers in coffee or end tables or closed shelving solutions that allow you plenty of storage space but are visually appealing as well.
3. Be realistic with your space.
A 10′ x 10′ room will feel bigger when it is filled with less stuff than a jam packed room. Remember, the scale of furniture will also affect the visual space in a room. The reality is that a 10′ x 10′ room is only that big–you cannot grow or change the size of a room. The space given is the constant. The amount of items within your space is the variable.

4. Purge excessive items often (both to be donated and trash).

Keep small boxes in a closet that can be used to temporarily store items that need to be donated until you have enough to call a charity for a pickup. Be realistic. Do you really need 20 knick-knacks for your one shelf in your house or can they be scaled back to a collection of 10? Also limit and purge collections often so that it only includes your best and favorite items.


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