Showing Tips for Sellers

April 6, 2010 | 47 Comments

Getting a house ready for showings can be quite a task if you’ve never done it before. It can be difficult for sellers to properly evaluate their own home. I always find that showing sellers their competition works well. Realtor magazine has some great tips too….

  1. Lighten up-Leave the shades up and the drapes open. Homes show much better with lots of light.
  2. Size up the competition-Preview some homes comparable to yors and see what you’re up against. You can also get some great ideas for home improvement and/or staging.
  3. Define the space-Create rooms that serve functions in the home. A mudroom should be neat and orderly, a home office organized, etc.
  4. Add simple curb appeal-Clean up the yard of debris, trim bushes and rake the leaves. If the exterior of a home looks properly cared for it will say a lot about the interior of the home.
  5. Give it a power wash-A house always looks better after it’s been power washed. I clean driveway and garage can do wonders.


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