Great Advice for Sellers

April 28, 2010 | 4 Comments

USAA magazine gave some great advice to homeowners trying to sell their home and some tips and traps to avoid.

  1. Set a fair asking price. If you’re anxious to sell, list your home 10% below comparable homes in your neighorhood.
  2. Use online help selectively. Check out,,, and other online sites that offer home value estimates. Be careful of old outdated figures though.
  3. Be open-minded. Don’e be offended by low-ball offers. Many buyers are just testing the waters and intend to come up close to your asking price.
  4. Give and you will receive. Buyers want to think they got a steal, so make them feel like they did. Pick up the tab for some of the closing costs, dangle a cash bonus to the selling agent, toss in new appliances, pay for some of the home repairs or offer a home warranty.
  5. Use an Agent. It pays to list your home with a knowledgeable agent. Interview at least 2-3 agents. Agree on the commission up front which can range from 4 – 6 percent.



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