4 Fundamentals of Selling a Home Today

May 10, 2010 | 4 Comments

Realtor Magazine just came out with 4 fundamentals of selling a home in today’s market. I agree that these 4 things are most important if you’re serious about selling your home.
Here are four things sellers should understand about today’s market to make their homes as saleable as possible:

1. Real estate pricing is very local: “When you’re looking at comparables, you have to see what’s sold in the past three months. Look at your competition and what’s under agreement,” advises Colette Casey-Brenner, sales manager at Coldwell Banker Arlington, Mass.

2. Get property pics online: Stage the property, then take pictures and video. Better yet, hire a professional photographer to do the job.

3. Disclosure is key: Tell potential buyers what’s wrong before they figure it out. That eliminates last-minute re-negotiations and cold feet.

4. Clean, clean, super-clean: A clean and clutter-free property makes potential buyers likely to pay more, says David Kelman, an associate with RE/MAX Landmark in Milton, Mass.

Source: Boston Globe (04/29/2010)


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