Finding Hidden Time To Get Organized

June 30, 2010 | 5 Comments

Get Organized Now just came out with this great post on organizing your time. If we could all follow these tips life would run much more smoothly.

Are you frustrated because you believe you do not have enough time to get organized each day? Organizing can be done any time of the day and it does not have to take long either. Spend a few moments and give it some thought. It is amazing to see how much time you actually do have to get organized. Here are a few ways and ideas to get you started.
1. When it is time to take out the garbage, glance through the refrigerator and toss out any old and expired items before closing the bag. 
2. Washing and drying the dishes can incorporate cleaning out or tidying up a couple of cupboards. You could also go through your spice rack and see what spices need to be tossed or replaced. You could organize the items stored under your sink.
3. You can accomplish a number of tasks while watching television. You can balance your checkbook or write a letter or two. You can get cards ready to send. You can grab a few files to update. Any plastic containers you store items inside can be moved into the room where you watch television. That way you can get organized and watch your favorite show at the same time.
4. While exercising, take a few moments to plan ahead and think about your To Do list for the next day. Planning ahead will save you time in the long run.
5. After a shopping trip, take a few moments to organize your car. Toss out any garbage and check the trunk.
6. Organize the cabinets in your laundry room while clothes are washing or drying.

7. How much time do you spend talking on the telephone, texting and/or writing e-mails? We may not even realize that a lot of our time may be eaten up by doing these things. Be more conscious of the time spent doing these activities. By limiting the amount of time you spend, you will see how much more time you can have to be productive.

8. Preparing checklists is a great way to streamline activities and save time. Consider what activities you perform on a regular basis and prepare checklists for them. For example, trip planning, event organizing and even cleaning the house can be put into a checklist format. Write down all the steps involved. When the time comes to perform the task, you can start immediately and get the steps done without having to spend time trying to remember what you had to accomplish.

9. Set limits by putting together a schedule. When it comes to being on your computer, how much time do you spend doing work and how much time do you spend playing Farmland on Facebook? Set a certain amount of time in your schedule to do each type of computer activity and stick to it. This will allow you to spend more time working on organizing projects.


10. Keep current To Do lists so things do not fall through the cracks. This way you know what needs to be done. Do not worry about not getting everything done on your list. The main thing is to focus on getting priority tasks completed first.

11. Large projects can be intimidating and you may be hesitant in even starting them. If you have a large project, break it down into small pieces. This will allow you to get the project started. Completing a little bit every day will then result in completion.

12. Look at ways to become more efficient at your daily duties. Can you make any changes? Is there anything you can do a little differently to create time savings?13. Learn to say NO from time to time. Many times we take on more than we can handle and it can be overwhelming. It is perfectly fine to say no and not accept every request.
14. Does your job take up most of your time? Are there any duties you can delegate? Are there any ways you can streamline your work? Is there any flexibility?
15. Do you have an issue with procrastination? This can cause a great deal of lost time. Discover what your triggers are for putting things off and make an effort to improve and stop procrastination. Picturing a positive result to a project is one way of getting you moving toward your goal.
16. If you are overwhelmed, ask for help from your family members, friends, or others.

17. Distractions and interruptions can be time zappers. Discover where your interruptions come from and do something to alleviate them.

18. Do you run by the seat of your pants? Putting together a schedule and following a daily routine is helpful in staying on track and allowing you more time.





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