Organizing-It’s Not Expensive or Difficult

September 4, 2010 | 3 Comments

blocksOrganizing doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Getting organized will most often only require your readiness and desire to do so, along with time and motivation. Don’t be overwhelmed by the task at hand. Just take a few deep breaths and you’ll be on your way. The only big mistake you can make is to not start.

1) The most cost-effective way to get organized is to purge. The less you have to deal with physically, the easier it will be. Begin with a simple, quick trip around a room that you’ve chosen to work in and gather together any obvious trash. Newspapers, old catalogues and junk mail can all be tossed. Be sure to recycle whatever you can. We want to help organize the environment too!

2) The next step might actually help make you money. Now is the time to identify anything you currently own that you wish to donate or sell. Donating items to those in need can be very motivating. Knowing that someone else will be able to use an item, as opposed to it simply going into the trash, often makes it much easier to let go. Oftentimes, items donated to charity are eligible for a deduction on your income taxes. Be sure to keep proper documentation as to the item, condition and value. A photo can also be helpful.

3) If you prefer, you can also sell an item, perhaps online, which would bring a more immediate income. You can do it yourself or take the item to one of the many places around these days that will assist you in online sales.

4) Do you feel disorganized every time you leave the house? Perhaps you spend too much time looking for your car keys, cell phone, sunglasses, or your purse? The old saying, ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is well known because of how true and how valuable it is. Just imagine how much easier leaving your house would be if you knew, each and every time, exactly where all of your important items were. They’d be waiting for you right where you put them.

5) Decide on a location that makes sense. It may not be the first place you imagine it will be. It needs to be in the easiest and most functional spot. If the place you choose doesn’t feel right, you can always change it. Once you find that spot, then you can choose a container. If you have a number of sets of keys, perhaps a small row of hooks next to the back door would be best. Maybe a small wicker basket where you can leave loose items and then set your purse next to it is your ideal solution.

6) Need to organize your bathrooms? Are your bathroom cabinets a jumble of hair products, lotions, and makeup or personal care items? Shoe boxes make fantastic under-the- counter containers. If you would prefer a more attractive solution, but would rather not spring for matching boxes, a whole $5 roll of contact paper will cover a bunch of shoe boxes. Pick a fun color or pattern that will make you smile when you open the door. Sort like items together in each box. You can even label them if you would like.

7) Look at your closet in a new way. Sometime, the easiest way to organize a closet is to begin by removing everything. We, once again, will want to do a quick purge for anything you know you will never wear again. Anything that doesn’t make you feel fantastic should go. You should smile every time you get dressed.

8) Group like items together. For this step, you get to decide what that means. It can mean all jeans together, all blouses, etc. or it can mean all clothes of a certain color or category such as dressy or business casual. If you prefer, you can group actual outfits together and even add the accessories.

9) Once you’ve gotten the actual items sorted, you might take a quick trip to the store for matching hangers. Even the discount stores these days have nice sets for reasonable prices and it makes such a difference to get rid of all the old wire and other mismatched hangers you’ve accumulated over the years.

As you can see, getting organized doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Look at it as an investment that you’re making in yourself. The more organized you are, the more efficient you will be–which will leave you with more time for the things you truly love and want to enjoy.



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