Turn over a new leaf this Fall

September 24, 2010 | 9 Comments

Summer is nearly over and spring is just around the corner. Here are a few ideas to get you organized–just in time for new season.

1. Think about safety.

Check and/or change the batteries in your smoke alarms. Develop a fire escape plan. Stock up on some canned goods– just in case.

2. Hibernate your gardening stuff.

While you are outside, clean up and put all your gardening tools together for next spring.

3. Put the lawn mower to sleep.

Empty the fuel tank. You can start the mower–outdoors–and leave it running until it runs out of gas. Leave it empty until spring. In addition, empty the oil tank if your mower has one.

4. Attack the shed and garage.

Get all those items out that were placed ‘just for now’, and put them away. Find the shovel, salt, and the snow blower before it snows. Check the snow blower to make sure it is in working order and ready to use when needed.

5. Do a final weeding.

Clean out all the dead weeds from the yard and any leaves that may be lingering around. Get those gutters cleaned. Have the whole family–or a few hired neighborhood kids– help rake up big piles of leaves when they start covering the ground.

6. Bring things inside.

Bring in anything that needs to be kept inside during the fall and winter, such as outdoor furniture and terra cotta planters. You don’t want your favorite pot broken in the spring due to it freezing!

Make sure you take in the hoses from outside and cover up the spigots so they don’t freeze.

7. Check the furnace and humidifier.

Have the filters in the furnace ready for the winter, and also get the humidifier cleaned and ready. Have the furnace cleaned if you didn’t do it last spring. It will work more efficiently and keep your heating bills down.

8. Keep the cool air outside.

Check the caulking on the windows and doors also. An ounce of prevention can help keep your heating bills down. In addition, hardware stores sell plastic sheets for the windows and patio doors to keep a lot of the cold air out. Pick up some weather stripping or door strips for under the outside doors.

9. Get your outerwear out of storage.

Do you have your mittens, hats, scarves and jackets handy? What about boots? Do you know if you have any that fit? If not go, get them now before the first freeze or snowfall.

10. Give, during this season of giving.

Go through your clothes and try them on. If they don’t fit you, they may fit someone else who needs them. Put them into a donation bag and bring them to your favorite charity today.

11. Make a plan.

Start planning your baking items for Thanksgiving, and pick up a few each week so you don’t have a high grocery bill just before the holiday arrives. Spread it across a month or two. If you should feel like baking on a cooler fall day, you will have everything handy, and you can freeze the cookies, breads and cakes for the holidays. You can even start your Christmas shopping and card writing. End the fall season knowing that the holiday season isn’t going to be so stressful for you this year!

12. Decorate for the season.

Put your summer decorations into storage, and replace them with your fall decor. Then, invite friends over for some cider, donuts and games. Be it football or table games, a fun end-of-fall get together before the holiday season may be all you need to get you in a fun, festive, relaxed mood.

Plus, if your home is in order, you’ll be even happier!

Source: www.GetOrganizedNow.com


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