10 Easy Ways to Go GREEN

October 29, 2010 | Comments Off on 10 Easy Ways to Go GREEN

Your Good House from Good Housekeeping magazine, November 2010 came out with this great article about “going green” for less than $100.  Here are the 10 great easy ways we can go green for less money:

1.  Monitor your energy use. You can reduce your monthly electric expenses by knowing how much power you’re actually using and where you can most effectively cut back.

2.  Install dimmer switches. Dimming a light by just 10% more than doubles the bulb’s life and each set will cost about $10.

3.  Add a motion sensor to outdoor lighting fixtures. One of these little helpers will cost about $20 and will turn on the light only when someone is present.

4.  Set a programmable thermostat. These guys are about $50 and can help you shave off about $200 a year by turning down the heat at certain times of the day or night. Setting your thermostat back 10 degrees overnight can save about 10 precent.

5.  Buy an insulating blanket for your hot water heater. This $20 investment can lower water heating costs by 9 percent.

6.  Install an Energy Star-rated ceiling fan. Prices start at about $30. In cooler months run the fan clockwise to push the warm air down from the ceiling. This can reduce HVAC load by as much as 10 percent.

7.  Dodge the draft. Install permanent weather stripping around windows and doors to seal in heat.

8.  Install insulating window treatments such as cellular or honeycomb shades. Heat loss can be reduced by as much as 86%. These shades cost about $25 per window.

9.  Replace the aerator on your faucet. For just $5 an efficient aerator will reduce flow from the usual 2.2 gallons per minute to  a thrifty 1.5 gpm.

10. Keep dirt and toxins out. Place a mat ($10) at the front and back door to cut down the amount of pesticide and residue tracked inside by 25%.

Source: Good Housekeeping magazine. November 2010.


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