25 Projects and 25 Rewards to Reap for Your Organizing Efforts

January 3, 2011 | 6 Comments

One of the very best ways to stay motivated while organizing is to specify rewards you’ll enjoy when you’re done with each project. Here are 25 projects, and 25 rewards you can reap for your organizing efforts.

1. Project: Organize your kitchen pantry.

Reward: Take a long leisurely bubble bath, along with some wonderful music while you’re soaking.

2. Project: Get to the bottom of your mail pile.

Reward: Go to the library and get a book you have wanted to read. Then, take and hour in your day to read it– interruption-free.

3. Project: Get your calendar updated and organized.

Reward: Plan a social date with a favorite friend at home or at a local coffee shop to catch up on each other’s lives.

4. Project: Designate a Donation Box and fill it with a minimum of 10 items.

Reward: Go shopping for one new item that you’ll use and love.

5. Project: Make a family calendar, highlighting each person’s chores/events in a specific color.

Reward: Go out with your family on a picnic (an indoor picnic if it’s cold outside).

6. Project: Organize your CDs or songs on your MP3 player.

Reward: Listen to a favorite CD or watch a favorite DVD.

7. Project: Organize your movie DVDs or weed out some movies programs you’ve set on DVR.

Reward: Purchase some theatre tickets to a new movie you’ve been wanting to see.

8. Project: Organize your hobby room.

Reward: Take a class you’ve been wanting to do or work on a favorite hobby guilt-free all afternoon!

9. Project: Organize your medicine cabinet.

Reward: Get a manicure or pedicure.

10. Project: Catch up with your dusting and vacuuming.

Reward: Purchase a bouquet of flowers for the house.

11. Project: Organize your clothes closet.

Reward: Pat yourself on the back for doing such a good job and share your accomplishments with a good friend.

12. Project: Get a task done that you’ve been procrastinating on for months.

Reward: Spend a few hours going on a hike, biking or anything that will keep your energy flowing.

13. Project: Organize your hair accessories, toiletries and cosmetics into baskets.

Reward: Go to the salon and get a new hairstyle.

14. Project: Develop an organized fall and winter exercise schedule.

Reward: Go out and buy yourself a new work out outfit.

15. Project: Clean out your refrigerator, tossing all expired food, cleaning the shelves, and so on.

Reward: Take a 20-minute power nap.

16. Project: Organize your coupons and/or recipes.

Reward: Try a new eye shadow or lipstick or cologne.

17. Project: Get your jewelry organized into a jewelry organizer.

Reward: Get a new pair of earrings or a new tool.

18. Project: Work on a meal plan for the month.

Reward: Pick up a ready-made meal and dessert for dinner, and pop it in the oven–guilt-free.

19. Project: Do your fall weeding, trimming and raking.

Reward: Relax in a lounge chair on your deck or patio with a cool drink or a hot cocoa.

20. Project: Balance your checkbook and get your bank statements filed away.

Reward: Investigate a new shopping area in a local nearby town so you are close to home, but still feel like you are on vacation.

21. Project: Create a letter-writing station, equipped with blank cards, stamps, pens and return address labels.

Reward: Call or write to a special friend.

22. Project: Choose a room and pick up all the clutter.

Reward: Go out for lunch with friends and try a new restaurant.

23. Project: Organize your digital photos. Get any undeveloped film processed.

Reward: Take photographs of your area. Enter them in a contest or send them to local newspaper. They may get published.

24. Project: Institute family meetings and meet for at least 15 minutes each week to get special dates on the calendar, and to discuss upcoming family projects, vacations, etc.

Reward: Allow yourself uninterrupted time with your family to play frisbee in the park.

25. Project: Organize something, for someone else.

Reward: Doing something for someone else will likely be a reward in itself! But celebrate anyway by doing something special with that person you helped, once the project is done!


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