Best Ever Outdoor Organizing

July 25, 2011 | Comments Off on Best Ever Outdoor Organizing

This is the time of year when the weather gets warm and sunny and more of your time is spent outside. Keeping all of the things you use outdoors organized will leave you with more time to enjoy the season so you can spend it participating in fun summertime activities. Here are a few tips to get you on your way.

1) Grilling is a regular outdoor event for many people. To organize your grill, the key is making sure that everything has a place. If your grill doesn’t have adequate shelving or storage, look for a small stand or table to put next to your grill. The top of the stand can be used for food prep and the bottom can be used for storing utensils and supplies. Hooks or magnetic clips are alternative options for storing grill utensils.

2) When storing anything outside or in the garage, make sure the container is durable and water resistant. There are a number of products available for outdoor storage. For example, an outdoor storage bench can disguise stored items and double as a seating area. Outdoor storage racks can be used to store such things as firewood and other large items.

3) A clean grill is a happy and safe grill. Keep cleaning supplies, such as towels, brushes and cleaners, on hand in case of mishaps. A waterproof bag or container can store those cleaning supplies right next to your grill for handy use.

4) Maximize the storage in your garage or shed by using the walls to hang shovels and other tools from hooks. Pegboard systems are available for hanging a variety of things. If you want to keep your belongings out of view, shelving units to maximize the wall space in your garage will add a multitude of storage space. Items can also be suspended from the ceiling. If your garage has exposed ceiling joists, this space can be used to store seasonal items.

5) Do you have a lot of outdoor toys? A good way to store these toys is by using large plastic bins that can be found in many discount stores. Make sure to keep the container in a cool, dry place and out of the sun so the toys don’t fade. If you have pool toys, get a second bin and drill holes in the bottom for drainage.

6) Create an outdoor ‘station’ near an exit for all your outdoor activities. Keep items like towels, swim suits, flip flops, etc. in one designated area for easy grab-and-go.

7) Organize your deck or patio when entertaining. Make sure all the things you use are placed near the spaces where you want to use them and are easy to access. A basket, plastic container or storage bench could be used to store the items you bring in and out of the house. These items include shatter resistant dishes and utensils, paper plates and napkins. If you have a problem with bugs, look into citronella candles to put around the seating area. Give new life to an old shelving unit by bringing it out on the deck or patio and using it to store such things as sunscreen, matches and sunglasses.

8) A good way to organize your garage when space is tight is to install a table that folds down. When not in use, it lays flush with the wall. When you need a surface to make home repairs, repot plants, etc., it folds out into a locked horizontal position.

9) If you are a gardener, stackable storage drawers are a great way to store gardening supplies. Clear plastic allows you to see what is inside while keeping the contents dry and safe. Frequently used items can be stored in a garden ‘toolbox’ for easy transport to and from the garden.

10) Yard and garden equipment needs to be stored properly so it remains in good working order. This equipment also needs to be out of reach of children. Lawnmowers should be placed out of the traffic area. If the mower has a folding handle, fold it up. Lawnmower accessories, such as grass catcher bags, should be hung up. Weed and hedge trimmers should be hung up as well. Long-handled tools, such as rakes and hoes, can be stored in a standing tool rack or in a hanging rack with clips or slide-in holders. Hanging is also a great way to store small gardening tools.

11) Sports equipment can be stored in the garage or shed. Use garbage cans or tall baskets to store equipment such as hockey sticks, baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, etc. Racks can be made or purchased to store skis, fishing poles, golf bags, etc. Mesh bags or wire baskets can be hung from walls or the ceiling to store balls and other smaller items. Bicycles can be stored up and out of the way on sturdy racks or by clips which are available in hardware stores. A bench for putting on and removing gear is an option. Some benches can also be used as storage if they have open space underneath. Make sure the equipment storage area is dry and well ventilated to prevent mold.



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