Organizing Solutions Already in Your Home

August 16, 2011 | Comments Off on Organizing Solutions Already in Your Home

We’re all faced with a variety of organizing problems within our homes. The best part is, there are large assortments of solutions that can already be found in your home. It’s just a matter of being creative, thinking outside the box, and re-purposing items. So let’s break it down into useful items around the house:


1. There are vast purposes for baskets such as in and out boxes for mail, videos, and library books by the doorway.

2. There are many great uses for bins including a bin by the doorway for shoes or winter item such as scarves, mittens, and hats or summer items, like flip flops, sunscreen or sunglasses. These bins could be kept at a low level so children could reach their own items and increase their independence.

3. There are many functions hooks could be used for including hooks for umbrellas, hats, and coats by a doorway–even leashes for pets!

4. Eye hooks can be hung on a board or in a picture frame in order to hang keys for easy access by a door.


1. A basket can be used to hold remotes, videos or DVDs in a living room.

2. A bin can be used to hold cards and board games which can be stored in a coffee table, shelving, end tables, or ottomans. Put the small pieces into Ziploc storage bags so they will not get lost.

3. Children’s puzzles can be put into a plastic container and jigsaw puzzles should be placed in Ziploc baggies inside the box so if it spills, the pieces will not be lost.

4. For young children, a basket can be used to hold books and toys such as rattles.

5. Plastic containers, such as margarine containers, are the perfect size to pour bubbles into for blowing bubbles with the kids, or chalk for writing on sidewalks. Plus they are easy to bring along–no mess, and likely in your house already.


1. An old or antique dish or plate could be used to collect loose change on a nightstand or dresser. An old platter could be used to display bottles of perfume or cologne.

2. Clear plastic buckets or bins can be used in a child’s bedroom to sort and organize toys by type such as Legos, marbles, crayons, dolls, or Matchbox cars. Label each with both a picture (from a catalog or the Internet) and the words. This will allow kids to learn where to put away their own belongings.

3. Hang hooks in your children’s bedrooms to hang backpacks and jackets.

4. Keep several baskets in your closet–one for items that need to mended, one for dry cleaning, and one for donating.

5. Hang hooks in your closet for purses, scarves, ties, belts, and tote bags.

6. Shoeboxes covered with pretty wall paper are great for holding silk scarves, greeting cards or hair accessories.


1. A used shoebox can be covered with scraps of wallpaper, ribbons, or scrapbooking paper and be utilized as a holder for cords and chargers for all your electronics. The box could also be used to hold extra office or craft supplies.

2. Used and cleaned cans and bottles could be used as pen and pencil holders on a desk (can also be decorated).

3. Used baby food jars or an old fishing tackle box can be used as holders for the little bits of ribbon and embellishments used in scrapbooking and other hobbies.

4. A basket can be used to hold receipts (make sure you keep all receipts needed for tax purposes or extended warranties).

5. An old tackle box can also be used as a sewing kit (many compartments for thread, needles, scissors, and any other needed supplies.

6. A wooden dowel or paper towel holder can be used to hold ribbons.

7. Use two eye hooks and some heavy-gauge wire to hang a pad of paper or strips of fabric.

8. Simple clear plastic bins can be used to hold and separate different craft items such as yarn, fabric, painting supplies, flower-arranging supplies, or needlepoint.

9. Cut most of one side out of a cereal box (cover with decorative paper) and it can be used as a magazine holder.


1. Used baby food jars can be used as holders for screws, nails, and nuts. Since the jars are small they are easy to store and each one can hold a different type of hardware.

2. Bins can be used to hold assorted tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, and other needed supplies. Baskets can be used to hold garden supplies such as extra soil, seeds, and gardening tools. The best part of both the bins and baskets is that they are portable.

3. Hooks can be hung on the wall to hold rakes, hoes, shovels and other outdoor items.

4. Gardening supplies, car washing supplies and camping gear can be put into labeled totes, boxes, or bins.

5. A clean garbage can is perfect for holding balls and sporting equipment.



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