Top 8 Places to Live

August 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Top 8 Places to Live

Which cities emerged on top in CNNMoney’s annual Best Places to Live survey? This year’s survey focuses on the top small-towns in the country with populations of less than 50,000.

For its rankings, CNNMoney took into account such factors as  housing, employment opportunities, the city’s fiscal strength, top-notch schools, low crime, good healthcare, cultural and outdoor activities, and weather. 

The following are the eight cities that emerged on top:

1. Louisville, Colo.
Population: 18,400
Unemployment: 6.3%
Average list price (July 2011): $383,569

2. Milton, Mass.
Population: 27,000
Unemployment: 6.6%
Average list price: $577,008

3. Solon, Ohio
Population: 23,300
Unemployment: 8.2%
Average list price: $291,162

4. Leesburg, Va.
Population: 42,600
Unemployment: 4.1%
Average list price: $486,018

5. Papillion, N.E.
Population: 18,900
Unemployment: 4.2%
Average list price: $218,520

6. Hanover, N.H.
Population: 8,600
Unemployment: 4.4%
Average list price: $643,500

7. Liberty, Mo.
Population: 29,100
Unemployment: 7.6%
Average list price: $177,678

8. Middleton, Wis.
Population: 17,400
Unemployment: 5.1%
Average list price: $347,770

Learn more about what makes these top 8 cities so great as well as see the full list of top 100 small-town cities at

Source: “Best Places to Live,” CNNMoney (September 2011)


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