Organizing Projects You Can Complete in 2 Minutes or Less

August 30, 2011 | Comments Off on Organizing Projects You Can Complete in 2 Minutes or Less

Do you ever get discouraged about getting organized because you don’t think you have enough time? The truth is that it doesn’t take lots of time for every organizing project.

Here are a few organizing projects that you can complete in about 2 minutes. Come along with us as we take a ‘two minute at a time’ organizing trip.

1. Clean up a drawer.

Do you have trouble finding a pencil and a piece of paper to take notes during a phone call? Even cordless phones have to have a base somewhere. Pick a drawer near your phone base. This drawer will be dedicated to telephone related items like telephone directories, pens and/or pencils, notepads or sticky notes. It will only take a couple of minutes to set this up and you will always know where to find a pad and pencil to take notes.

2. Sort out the medicine chest.

Take just two minutes and go through the contents of your medicine chest. Now is the time to toss out expired makeup and to eliminate expired medicines. Don’t just throw the meds into the garbage or flush them. Check with your pharmacist for how to safely dispose of both over-the- counter and prescription medications.

3. Clear coffee table clutter.

Are the contents of your coffee table threatening to topple like a house of cards? It will only take 2 minutes to clear off the table top. Go through magazines and toss into your recycle bin. Be ruthlessly brutal in your culling. If you can’t immediately remember why you saved it, toss it. The same goes for newspapers. This should only take two minutes to complete.

4. Feeling fuzzy about the fridge?

Every one of us sometimes ends up with a science experiment or two in our fridge. We all have good intentions when it comes to re-using the leftovers but in the hustle and bustle of everyday living, we forget all about them. Take two minutes and pull every container of mystery food out. Way past its eating prime? Send it down the disposal or into the compost bin if you garden and use compost.

5. Straighten out the sock drawer.

Occasionally we let the contents of our sock drawers get more than a bit jumbled up. It will take about two minutes to straighten things out. First, do yourself a favor and put in a sock drawer divider. Then simply fold up the socks and put one pair into each section of your divider. Voila! Straight, not spilling over socks!

6. Make the nightstand look nice.

Sometimes it seems easier to pile to deal with later, rather than put away. But later never comes and the piles keep getting higher. Take two minutes and clear off your nightstand. Leave only what you absolutely need such as tissues, hand lotion, an alarm clock, an eyeglass case and a book, for example.

7. Pick it up AND put it away.

Wouldn’t you love to wake up to order tomorrow morning? Spend just two minutes at night in one room before going to bed. Pick up newspapers and other items. Put them where they belong. Don’t spend longer than 2 minutes. You will really appreciate having spent that time the next morning when you can wake to an orderly calm room!

8. Know what you’re going to wear tomorrow.

Sometimes even the smallest task can seem monumental when you are already rushed. If you take just two minutes at night to put together an outfit for the next day, it will make a world of difference in the morning. Sound too simple? Try it and see if it doesn’t help make the morning a lot less rushed.

9. Coupon clutter keeping you from saving?

Are your coupons a jumbled mess of expired and invalid? Having trouble finding ones that haven’t expired? Take two minutes and sort through every coupon. Toss out the expired ones. The next time you are at the grocery store you will be able to sort through and find valid coupons for those items you’ve bought. Two minutes equals less clutter and more money in your pocket–a great equation no matter how you figure it!

10. Clear the glove compartment.

Do you have trouble finding anything in your car’s glove compartment? Take two minutes and pull out everything, except your car registration, your proof of insurance, a disposable camera (if you don’t have a camera phone, you will appreciate this if you are in an auto accident), and your car owner’s book. Use a visor organizer to hold CDs, coins, sunglasses and maps. In the event of an auto accident or if you get pulled over by a police officer, you will easily be able to find your registration and proof of insurance.



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