Cities With Holiday-Inspired Names

December 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Cities With Holiday-Inspired Names

Several cities across the U.S. have holiday-inspired names, and with namesakes like North Pole, Alaska, and Santa Claus, Ind., how could they not take advantage of the festivities?   

Inman News recently highlighted a few cities with holiday-themed names.

North Pole, Alaska: The northern Alaska town was renamed North Pole in 1952 “hoping that toy manufacturers would come for the ‘Made in North Pole’ bragging rights despite its inconvenience … as a manufacturing site,” according to a National Geographic profile about the town. But the city’s plan never worked and the manufacturers never came.  

Santa Claus, Ind.: You’ll find plenty of Santa Claus’ around town here. The town was renamed from “Santa Fe” to “Santa Claus” in 1865, and each year receives thousands of letters from across the country of letters addressed to St. Nick. 

Snowflake, Ariz.: The Arizona town, located north of the White Mountains, can get occasional snow, but despite its name, it actually was named not for the weather but because of its two founders Erastus Snow and William Jordan Flake, according to Inman News. 

Bethlehem, Pa.: You’ll find other Bethlehem’s in the country named after the Middle Eastern ancient city. In Bethlehem, Pa., the city decks its downtown with 5,500 strands of lights ever year, stretching two miles in the city. 

Christmas, Fla.: During the Second Seminole Indian War, American troops built a fort several miles outside of Orlando in 1837 called Fort Christmas, which was later used as inspiration for the city’s name. According to Inman News, the city gets in the holiday-spirit year-around with lighted and decorated tree displays.

Source: “7 Towns with Holiday-Themed Names: Santa Claus, Ind., Is on the List,” Inman News (Dec. 19, 2011)


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