Home-sale incentives help, but price is key

January 30, 2012 | Comments Off on Home-sale incentives help, but price is key

Throwing in a car or boat along with the house may get buyers’ attention, but it’s a competitive price that will sell.

By Michele Lerner of Bankrate.com

Home sellers in markets around the country these days are sometimes eager enough to get their property sold that they will offer buyers a BMW, a personal watercraft or even a pet to sweeten the deal. Real-estate agents say that while these enticements create buzz, buyers today are more attracted by the right asking price than a gimmick.

“We’re in a price war and a beauty contest,” says Tony Vehon, broker and owner of Weichert Realtors — Lake Realty in Gold Canyon, Ariz. “Every home has to be priced right and look perfect. After that, a special incentive might drive traffic, especially if you offer something that grabs attention, something a little beyond the norm.”

Over-the-top incentives
Vehon says one of his agents worked with a seller of a high-end house in a vacation-home area.

“The client decided to make the home move-in ready, selling it with brand-new furniture, linens and kitchen gadgets and even a car in the garage,” Vehon says. “The house sold, but the people who bought it didn’t actually want the car. They asked for a credit on the price instead.”

Orhan Tolu, broker for Century 21 Realty Alliance in San Francisco and San Mateo, Calif., says that in high-end homes, buying new furniture for the listing or giving buyers a gift card for $2,000 or $3,000 at an interior design studio can attract attention.

“In order to create some news, the sellers sometimes throw in a Mercedes or a boat if the home sits on waterfront property,” Tolu says.

Source: www.MSNRealEstate.com


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