Rare Southern Plantations Go Up for Sale

April 24, 2012 | Comments Off on Rare Southern Plantations Go Up for Sale

A number of South Carolina’s privately owned historic plantations are hitting the market, a rare occurrence in property sales. Housing experts say that the sluggish economy and cost of maintaining these properties as well as generational changes in ownership are the reasons behind the increase in plantation sales.

The plantations in South Carolina for-sale range in size from 350 acres to 7,000 acres and are listed from $3 million up to $20 million.

Plantations aren’t for everybody, Helen Geer, a Charleston, S.C., real estate broker told Reuters. “These places are very, very expensive to take care of, and people are cash-strapped right now,” she notes.

Eight plantations are currently for sale in South Carolina. The plantations, which once grew indigo, rice, and cotton, often hold a rich history from colonial times through the Civil War. 

“South Carolina is certainly not at the level of Connecticut or New York or Los Angeles or Colorado as far as property values are concerned,” Geer said. “We don’t have as many $8 million-plus properties available for sale in this area. But that buyer is always out there.”

Source: “Historic Plantations Hit the Market in South Carolina,” Reuters (March 4, 2012)


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