Survey: Americans Upbeat About Home Values

June 14, 2012 | Comments Off on Survey: Americans Upbeat About Home Values

Seventy percent of Americans say they are confident that property values will rise within the next two years, according to the Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey of more than 1,000 Americans in the market to buy or sell a home.

What’s more, 63 percent of respondents say that despite the recent volatility in the housing market, they still view real estate as a good investment. 

“Home ownership remains integral to the dreams of most Americans and the consumers’ confidence in the housing market is returning,” says Earl Lee, president of Prudential Real Estate. “This is good news for home buyers and sellers, communities, and our economy as a whole. As more people look to take advantage of historic interest rates and prices, we believe the foundation for a sustainable recovery is in sight.” 

Ninety-six percent of those surveyed say that now is a good time to purchase a home with interest rates at historically low levels. 

Also, 60 percent say they have favorable views toward the real estate market, up 8 points from last year, according to the survey.

Still, while more people say they are optimistic about the real estate market, 93 percent said the housing crisis taught them to be more careful about buying and selling in the future. 

Source: Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey


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