3 Buyer Pet Peeves When Touring Homes

October 10, 2012 | Comments Off on 3 Buyer Pet Peeves When Touring Homes

What makes home buyers grimace when they tour a home for-sale? Don’t let one of your listings fall prey to one of these common buyer pet peeves. A recent article at Zillow highlights some of the following turn-offs:  
  • Pets: Dirty kitty litter boxes or dog toys scattered in a room can turn off buyers who associate pets with unsanitary homes. Remove all traces of pets in a home and pay attention to the home’s smell; get rid of any lingering pet odors when homes are for sale. 
  • Kid items: Don’t let the kids overtake a home with toys cluttering every square inch. Also, pay attention to any sanitary or personal items involving infants. For example, “leaving breast milk, a breast pump, or dirty baby bottles on the kitchen counter could make a buyer feel that the home isn’t clean or sanitary,” according to the Zillow article.
  • Personal items: Watch the cleanliness of the bathroom and what’s left out: For example, make sure toothpaste residue isn’t left in the sink or prescription medications are left out in the open. “Buyers want to feel clean in the bathroom … they don’t need to be reminded that they will be taking over a ‘used’ bathroom,” according to the Zillow article. 

Source: “5 Turn-Offs When Buyers Tour Your Home,” Zillow (Aug. 31, 2012)


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