How to Frankenstorm-Proof a Home

October 29, 2012 | Comments Off on How to Frankenstorm-Proof a Home

As Hurricane Sandy threatens the Atlantic Coast in what’s being dubbed as “Frankenstorm,” many home owners are asking themselves: Have I done enough to disaster-proof my home? Forbes recently provided several tips on how to disaster-proof a home, including: 
  • Trim the trees. Make sure the trees around your property are trimmed and pruned. Forbes points out that if your overgrown tree is near a power line, you should contact the local utility company—they may even cut the tree back for free.
  • Replace the door. “Consider replacing that rickety old door with a solid wood or hollow steel door equipped with secure hinges and a deadbolt,” Forbes writes. Plus, Forbes notes that a door replacement is one of the top things you can do to increase your home’s value, according to the annual Cost vs. Value survey.
  • Attend to any cracks and leaks. If disaster strikes, any crack in the ceiling or foundation is likely going to become a much bigger problem and make the home vulnerable to more severe damage. Plus, wiring or gas leaks can pose a fire threat. 
  • Review your homeowner’s insurance. “Review your homeowner’s insurance plan to see what kind of damages would be covered,” Forbes writes. “Make sure your plans includes the proper limit, or the assessed amount it would currently cost to replace your home if need be.”

Source: “10 Tips to Disaster-Proof Your House,” Forbes (October 2012)


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