A Townhouse Comeback Emerging?

December 4, 2012 | Comments Off on A Townhouse Comeback Emerging?

Townhouses are growing in popularity again and builders are responding. Townhouse construction has risen so much recently that it’s matching highs following the Great Recession that were set during the homebuyer tax credit era. 

The market share of townhouses has risen to 11 percent of all single-family housing starts. In 2008, the market share of townhouses peaked at 14.6 percent, according to the National Association of Home Builders. 

“Despite the drop in market share during the Great Recession, I expect the share for townhouse construction to increase in coming years,” according to a blog post by the NAHB. “The prospects for the townhouses are positive given larger numbers of home buyers looking for medium-density environments and urban villages that offer walkable environments and other amenities.”

Source: “After Recession Dip, Townhouse Construction Moving Along Increasing Trend,” National Association of Home Builders (Sept. 10, 2012)


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