4 Strategies for Selling in 2013

January 14, 2013 | Comments Off on 4 Strategies for Selling in 2013

AOL Real Estate recently asked industry insiders to offer up their best way to get a home sold in the new year. Here are some of the tips they offered up: 
  • Don’t hide, flaunt: If the home has, say, an oddly large-sized garage compared to the house, don’t try to cover it up. Instead, highlight it throughout your marketing. You might have better luck at finding a buyer more quickly who has been looking for such a trait in a home. 
  • Don’t get too fancy with your videos: Shoot a video of the house but don’t over-produce it with artistic pans and special effects. A more simplistic approach to videos of the listing that capture footage as you walk through it may be a better approach. “People won’t feel manipulated,” says J. Philip Faranda, owner of J. Philip Real Estate in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. “They will gravitate toward something where it’s really transparent.” 
  • Consider free home maintenance offers: Free home maintenance offers for a specified period can be a way to lure some buyers. Sellers may offer anything from maid service to even snowfall removal. Home warranties can also be a lure to help cast aside any fears a buyer might have. For example, a warranty that guarantees such features like the home’s air conditioning system, heater, and roof can add a sense of comfort for a buyer to move forward in a purchase. 
  • Sponsor a raffle: Buyers can be lured to home tours if they think they might win a prize, such as an iPad or gift card. “This will increase foot traffic to the house and may help you find that perfect buyer,” says Ariana Loucas, a real estate professional in Columbia, Md. “So maybe the buyer doesn’t get the house bid, but can win an all-expenses paid at a local restaurant.” 

Source: “13 Ways to Sell Your Home in 2013,” AOL Real Estate (January 2013)

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