Judging a Home by Its Driveway

December 8, 2015 | Comments Off on Judging a Home by Its Driveway


A driveway can boost curb appeal and set the tone for an entire home. Buyers may want to carefully assess not only the condition of the driveway but also the logistics of it too, particularly if they have to share one.

The condition of the driveway can even be a potential deal breaker for some buyers. “Cracks and crumbling, sunken areas in a driveway usually mean there are weeds growing underneath,” according to a recent blog post at Century 21’s real estate blog. That could lead to the option of having to tear apart and repaving the entire driveway if the cracks are bad enough.

“Looks matter in a lot of departments, including your driveway,” notes the blog post at Century 21. “Gravel driveways are economically easy to make and maintain, while a timeless cobblestone path gives the home upscale undertones. Attractive paths tend to lead towards more impressive interiors, so the bar is already set high from the moment you park the car.”

Also, an added sales point for some driveways has become a driveway sensor. A driveway sensor can detect suspicious movement around the entrance of a home and alert the family whether home or away.

Home buyers, mostly in urban neighborhoods, also may want to carefully consider the pros and cons if they have to share a driveway with neighbors. This may require constant communication in the early morning hours in coordinating the parking arrangements.

Source: “Driveway Detective: Tips for Assessing a Driveway When You Buy,” Century 21 Real Estate Blog (Dec. 7, 2015)


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