My, How Homes Have Changed!

April 14, 2016 | Comments Off on My, How Homes Have Changed!

Home have evolved drastically since the 1950s. Indeed, what excited home buyers decades ago may be in stark contrast to what gets today’s generation excited.

A new interactive graphic from Fielding Homes documents some of the following changes over the last few decades in homes:

  • 1950s: Homes in the 1950s tended to have more bathrooms (an average of 2.35) than bedrooms (1.5).
  • 1960s: The average home size grew to 1,200 square feet as the bedroom and bathroom ratio flipped (an average of 2.5 bedrooms to 1.5 bathrooms).
  • 1970s: One of the most popular trends were appliances in bold colors, like avocado and harvest gold.
  • 1980s: More neutral tones entered into appliance color schemes with almond and beige. This decade also brought the first Macintosh 128K into homes.
  • 1990s: The average home square footage (2,080) climbed 21 percent this decade compared to the 1980s (1,740). However, the number of rooms in the home remained the same.
  • 2000: The kitchen takes on a futuristic feel with stainless steel appliances growing in popularity.
  • 2010: Lot sizes mostly stay the same prompting more architects to build upwards with more floors and higher ceilings.
  • 2016: Buyers show a preference for flexible spaces (wanting to customize spaces to fit their individual needs) and greater connectivity between indoor and outdoor living areas.

Source: Fielding Homes


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