An Artificial Lawn Isn’t Maintenance-Free

July 23, 2018 | Comments Off on An Artificial Lawn Isn’t Maintenance-Free

turf grassJuly 23, 2018

Artificial grass, which comes in multiple textures, finishes, and colors, can give homeowners a low-maintenance alternative to natural lawns. But it has pros and cons.

Artificial grass doesn’t need watering and remains green all year, which is a big selling point for homeowners. It works well in most climates, particularly dry climates, but it’s not totally maintenance-free. For example, you’ll need to rinse an artificial lawn to clear it of dirt and debris. Also, you’ll need to “groom your lawn to fluff the blades of grass and keep it from becoming matted,” Rob Turley, general manager at Custom Turf in Finleyville, Pa., told®.

The synthetic grass can withstand many weather elements, from rain to snow. But it can get hot, too.“Like most manufactured materials, artificial grass does indeed get warmer when exposed to direct sunlight,” says Chad Vander Veen, marketing and communications manager for Purchase Green Artificial Grass. “The analogy that resonates best with most people—in terms of how hot artificial grass gets—is that it’s like beach sand.”

Artificial lawn materials can be pricey and require special equipment to install, costing between $8 to $20 per square foot, Turley says. Natural grass costs about $0.25 per square foot, for comparison.

Can it affect your resale value? Real estate professionals are mixed. “I think it will turn most buyers off, except in some markets where it is more acceptable, like very arid climates in the Southwest,” says John Blackman, a real estate professional and developer at Heart of Austin Homes Team in Austin, Texas.



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