MSN’s Smart Money just came out with this great article that deals with the importance of having a potential home inspected prior to buying or even making an offer. Don’t let your new home become a money pit of despair. Let a home inspector find the home’s hidden defects before you get stuck with […]

Interest in purchasing a home as an investment has more than tripled in the last year, according to a survey released today by Move Inc., which operates and More than 17 percent of potential home buyers say they plan to purchase a home in the near future as an investment, compared to just […]

By Marilyn Lewis of MSN Real Estate I found this great article on fixer-uppers (homes with potential) from MSN Real Estate. My husband and I have been buying and fixing up houses for the past 10+ years. It does take some practice in seeing the “potential” in a home that not in great shape. Structural and foundation problems need to […]

There are 7 very important reasons owning a home is better than renting. Tax Breaks-The U.S. tax Code lets you deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage, your property taxes, as well as some of the costs involved in the purchase of your home. Appreciation-Real estate has long-term, stable growth in value. Median existing-home sale […]