Do You Need a Buyer’s Agent?

December 22, 2011 | Comments Off on Do You Need a Buyer’s Agent?

After years of trepidation, homebuyers are finally beginning to wade back into the housing market. But, as they do, many are making the surprising choice to hunt alone, rejecting the assistance of what’s known in real estate as a buyer’s agent. For years, house-hunters have had the option to work with a real-estate agent who […]

  MSN’s Smart Money just came out with this great article that deals with the importance of having a potential home inspected prior to buying or even making an offer. Don’t let your new home become a money pit of despair. Let a home inspector find the home’s hidden defects before you get stuck with […]

By Christopher Solomon of MSN Real Estate   This is a great article that sedller’s should fread before putting their house on the market. It provides some great advice to seller’s that will help before the offer and during the negotiation process. So you’re thinking about selling your house. But how much do you really know about negotiating […]