Homes that cost $10 million or more are expected to boast certain luxuries, and the gated compound called the Brentwood has all the amenities a trophy home should: a three-tiered screening room, a billiards hall equipped with a wet bar, a master bathroom with a fireside Jacuzzi and 10-spigot shower, guest homes, lushly wooded surroundings, […]

By Sari Krieger of The Wall Street Journal   For homebuyers, green is fast becoming a priority — whether it’s because they want to reduce their energy costs, minimize their carbon footprint or improve indoor air quality. Here are 10 questions that prospective buyers or renters ought to ask to find out how green a house or apartment […]

Yard Staging Tips

October 17, 2009 | 340 Comments

    Staging your home’s interior is just as important as the home’s exterior when trying to impress potential buyers. Although many sellers hope that a little color will bring an offer, plants can actually hurt a home’s curb appeal as they can help it. Trees planted too close to a house can mask the […]